Appetisers from the sea
Sea bass ceviche with mango, chilli flakes and coriander
Tuna tartare with black sesame, ginger and aromatic yuzu sauce
Shrimp tartare with avocado, chilli and melon

Fresh mussels with lemongrass, mustard cream, tarragon and leaves from kaffir lime

Fresh cockles with ginger, fresh thyme and red saffron
Sautéed shrimps in the pan with fennel and ouzo flavored with mastic liquor and lime

Grilled octopus with Florina pepper glaze, rock samphire and fresh thyme

Fried calamari with sriracha mayo
Grilled squid on a skewer with white fish roe salad
Fish roe salad with bottarga and dill oil
Sea urchin salad
Appetisers from the earth
Beef burger patties black Angus with creamed corn and pickled onion
Beef tartar in mini brioche buns and wild mushroom cream
Fresh potatoes fried with thyme and smoked paprika
Green fava with sun-dried tomatoes, black currants and chorizo iberico
Grilled eggplant with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil oil
Cheese croquettes with Naxos graviera and apricot jam
Beetroot carpaccio with passion honey, cherry tomatoes,orange fillets,
mozzarella and caramelized walnuts
Tzatziki with black garlic, cucumber sticks, and oil pies
Tricolor quinoa with watermelon, goat cheese,
lemon jam and Macadamia

Cycladic salad with mixed tomatoes and rock samphire,
peppers, spring onion, olives, oil rusks, olive oil and xinomyzithra cheese from Serifos

Spinach salad with pear and gorgonzola
dressed with honey mustard and pistachios
Mixed salad with marinated figs, Macedonian halva,
caramelised walnut and arseniko cheese from Naxos
Burrata with salads from tricolor tomatoes
and purslane with ground carob and basil
Pasta - Risotto
Risotto stuffed with creamy xinomyzithra cheese and spearmint oil
Malfantines pasta with shimeji mushrooms, radicchio and mascarpone sauce

Seafood “giouvetsi” with platamon shrimps, fresh mussels and squid, flavoured with ouzo and cuttlefish ink

Spaghetti with sea urchin, bottarga, figs and fresh basill
Shrimp pasta with lobster bisque, ouzo and wild fennel
Lobster pasta with tomato confit, brandy and fresh basil
Fresh tuna with sesami,spicy vegetable tagliatelle
ginger pickles and Wasabi mayo

Croaker fillet with spinach pie cream and Wakame


Sea bass fillet in buerre noisette with tamarisk and sautéed rainbow carrots. Fresh fish on the grill.

Bream fillet with grilled baby lettuce and cauliflower cream
Fresh fish of the day on the grill
Crispy, sous vide chicken thigh fillet
with sweet potatoes puree and crispy kale salad with parmesan
Sirloin schnitzel with fried potatoes
and sauce from peanut butter
Black angus burger with French goat chevre cheese,
bacon, crispy onion and truffle mayonnaise

Black Angus grass fed Rib eye 350gr, garnished with roast avocado, baby potatoes and chimichurri

Lamb shank slow-cooked for 8 hours with honey and thyme
and mashed potatoes with aromatic herbs
Seasonal wild greens
Mashed baby potatoes
Basmati rice with aromatic herbs
Grilled broccoli
Lemon cream with crispy sponge cake and redcurrant
Baklava mille feuille (for 2 people)
Flexi chocolate ganache with almond and forest fruits
Seasonal fruit
Extra virgin olive oil is used in the food
and s unflower oil is used in pancakes.
frozen products (shrimp, o ctopus, s quid)
The menu is curated by chef Giannis Panou.
Restaurant manager: Laskaratos Dimitrios.
All prices include 13% / 24% VAT.